Patrick Feeley

Welcome! My name is Patrick Feeley and I am an electrical engineer and computer analyst living in Cleveland, Ohio. This website contains information about some of the projects that I have worked on and some pieces of code that you might find useful. Any of the files under the code section of this site can be modified and used for any projects that you may be working on.

There are two blogs on this site. The first one is an introduction to some of the technologies that make up nanotechnology and their uses. The second blog is about other topics that I am interested in; usually electronics, programming, brewing, and engineering. There are also some tutorials and introductions to some of the topics that I find interesting.

This page also contains whitepapers, schematics, board layouts, and designs from some of my other projects. If you are using these files and have questions you can contact me at I am also available to for contracting work in electronics design and engineering, website design, and programming.